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6″ Purple Calathea Plant Live Prayer Plant Pet Friendly Plants, Live Prayer Plants Live House Plants Indoors Live Plants Indoor Plants Live Houseplants Live Indoor House Plants Live by Plants for Pets

Prized for their ornate foliage patterns and colors, calatheas bring stunning beauty to home decor as tropical houseplants. Calathea roseopicta ‘Purple Rose’ stands out by virtue of the vividly colorful centers of its leaves, which are bordered in an almost-black deep green to purple-maroon. The undersides are a lovely shade of purple. This is a…

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Peace Lily Plant-Friendship Foliage’s Family Farm Grown Quality Live Indoor Spathiphyllum (6″Pot with Khaki Pot Cover) 14-18in Tall from Bottom of The Pot

*CANNOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA or ARIZONA due to state policies*
Grown by small family owned and operated nursery
Blooms/lilies are not available at this time. They will appear soon in 2-3 weeks.

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Say ” So Tickled We’re Friends” with The TickleMe Plant Gift Box – Grow The House Plant That Closes its Leaves When Tickled. Fun for Galentine’s Day, Your Best Friends or Co-Workers It Even Flowers

SEE VIDEO ON THE LEFT of a LIVE TickleMe Plant then start to grow your own! SAY “SO TICKLED WE’RE FRIENDS!” With this Fun TickleMe Plant Gift Box set
Fun GALENTINE’S DAY GIFT! Your Friend/s will smile from ear to ear when they grow a Tickle the Plant and watch it MOVE!
ALL-IN-ONE GIFT BOX. 4 inch flower pot, soil wafer, 10-20 seeds and a card with 10 fun experiments.

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